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APRIL 27 & 28

fine art portrait 
with Jason BUff

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the VIP Experience

Join us in an incredible 13 room Italian Gothic Mansion, newly restored and open for the very first time for photographers. Each day we will spend the morning creating unforgettable images, from Fine Art Portraits in the main studio, to boudoir and cinematic images in the antique bath and bedroom areas. We will explore all different kinds of lighting, from traditional ProFoto flash photography, to constant lighting with Nanlite's arsenal of different lighting options.


After lunch, which will be catered from a local restaurant, we will relax and I'll discuss editing and how I work with the different styles we have explored during the day. Both days will follow the same schedule only with different art direction and models. The goal is to not only help you develop your skills, but also build your portfolio. 

After the class is over, I will also arrange a live zoom edit so that we can come together again online and I'll go through another edit from the class. The video from that class will be available to you as well as another video of retouching that I will provide directly out of class. There are also many other goodies that I'm working on for the class, including a $100 gift certificate to Sew Trendy, elusive discounts from Nanlite and much more.



10AM - 1PM

Working In The Studio

Technical aspects in studio & developing a unique style
It is only with mastery of the technical that we are free to create.


  • Discuss the art of posing,

  • Creating a unique mood board for inspiration,

  • Mastering technical aspects in studio



1PM - 2PM



2PM - 5PM

Advanced Lighting Techniques


Now it's time to build and apply the techniques from our morning session! 
We will create a story, then play it out with lighting and posing.


  • Understanding technical light,

  • Achieving shadows and highlights,

  • Posing secrets,

  • Portraying and capturing emotive posing

Together, we will work as a team to help each other and overcome our barriers. 
Creating, shooting, and learning the 'good from bad'.


Class will wrap at 5pm

Class continues:



10AM - 1PM

Basic Editing Workflow

Day two is where we start creating the magic from the editing perspective.


  • Editing an image from our 'day 1' shoot

  • Understanding RAW files and their importance

  • Cleaning and perfecting skin

  • Color toning and grading 

  • I will guide and help each attendee as you edit images



1PM - 2PM

Lunch Break


2PM - 5PM

Advanced Editing Workflow


  • Using a variety of Photoshop techniques to

  • enhance and create unique tones,

  • Such as: masking, blending, curves, channels, frequency separation, LUTS,

  • plus a variety of other topics!

    *My entire preset collection is yours! 


Attendees are encouraged to edit along side me.
We will end the day with a Q&A session and a final discussion.



My goal is to give you that “a ha!" moment!
The moment when it all ‘clicks’, from lighting to posing and technical aspects, to your own fine tuned editing and post processing workflows. You will leave this workshop feeling inspired, invigorated,
and ready to to take the techniques you've learned to transform your own business in to your DREAM! 

You deserve an education in photographic excellence.

Host Location

Danette Marie Photography

86 East Water St Toms River, NJ 08753


The mansion is currently being restored and will be ready in time for us to be the first group to shoot inside!

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