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"Jason has a real talent for bringing out the best in everyone. We had a great time taking pictures and the results were truly stunning." - Veru Robles


Life changes so quickly, sometimes too quickly. Group pictures are a way to capture a moment in time. I am often told that the pictures I take are they way people want to be remembered or the way they want to remember their children or parents.

When it comes to capturing your loved ones, you want the security that you are working with the very best. When I meet families or other groups, I first spend time to see what the dynamic is. What are the personalities and how can we capture that. I also love hearing fun ideas from kids about what we can do the take something really fun. But the objective is always the same. We will never get these moments back and it's my responsibility to document this beautiful moment in time.

Working with companies and other groups is also something I really enjoy. I have taken portraits of bands, and small businesses both large and small.

Famiy Portait
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