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In these classes you will get an all access look at the Photoshop editing of award-winning photographer Jason Buff. Take a deep dive into his signature techniques and philosophy and learn how to make your own images stand out. Learn how to combine RAW images to create beautify tones and pictures you never dreamed you could create. Learn how to edit skin to look beautiful and vibrant without looking fake. Also learn the signature toning methods Jason uses to really set his images apart.

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Advanced Portrait Editing

Portrait editing is a craft that often takes many years to master. In these courses I will give you a front row seat to exactly how I edit my images. With each image we will discuss working with RAW images and Adobe Camera Raw. The best ways to export a variety of images from RAW to get the best overall image. Ways to make your editing process faster by grading in advance of your final edit. And of course one of the most important aspects of image retouching, cleaning skin. One of the most important aspects of retouching is creating an amazing image that doesn't make the portrait look fake or retouched. We'll cover the same techniques I go over in my workshops, which are typically priced at over $700.


Learn A New Craft

When it comes to editing in Photoshop, I want you to think of the term "craftwork". As you develop your skills as a retoucher, you will not only be able to edit your own images, but you will also fall under the category of photo editor. Editing is a craft all in itself. Most of the greatest photographers work with an editor to get that look they want. As you work through the many editing techniques in this course, you will also be able to offer your skills as a retoucher and expand your services.


Some topics include:

  • Techniques for getting the most out of Camera RAW

  • Skin Retouching for real results

  • Frequency Separation

  • Local and Global Dodge and Burn

  • Skin Tone Color Correction

  • Working with Blend If Options

  • Advanced Sharpening Techniques

  • Working with luminosity masks

  • Working with Color Channels for quick selections

  • Background Replacement

  • Enhancing Eyes

  • Working with the Liquefy Tool

  • Advanced Blending Modes

  • Color Grading

  • Creating Custom Brushes

  • Creating Atmosphere like smoke and particles.

  • Adding False Lights and Flairs for dramatic effect



Who Should Take These Classes?

I have worked with photographers of all levels. You should have a basic understanding of Photoshop, or you're going to get lost pretty quick. There really is something here for everyone and even photo editors who have worked for years with Photoshop will often find new or faster techniques that help them and improve their final results.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email:


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In addition to the classes and other materials included in this class I am now including my full set of Camera RAW Presets. These alone have a value over the monthly price, and I offer them to you for free. They include all the presets I have spent years developing to get the look that I am known for.

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