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limited zoom webinar

fine art retouching

Join me for a two hour live interactive event. Together, we'll take a deep dive into the craft of Fine Art Portrait retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

Thanks for your interest in my online retouching webinar! I have been working with Photoshop for over 25 years and absolutely love teaching photographers how to take control of their images and become retouching ninja masters.


There is nothing I enjoy more than that "a ha!" moment when my students make a new discovery or have a breakthrough. It's equally important for me that we're all in this together and that we can all learn to work through perceived failure and frustration. Photoshop is a beast, but it's also a really fun program and this webinar is a time to come together with photographers of all levels and not only show tons of techniques, but to discuss

Who should attend?

Something very important for me in each of my workshops is that I show every step of my process, even if sometimes the technique that I use is something that, at first, everyone may not totally understand. One of the most important aspects of learning anything is failure. Just like in the world of sports, you don't walk in the first day being a pro. It takes time to master retouching. So, that being said, this webinar is for everyone who has at least a working knowledge of Photoshop and the desire to learn.

This class is also intended for seasoned professionals to not only pick up a few new techniques, but also to possibly change the way you approach retouching. I have rarely given a workshop when another photographer hasn't told me that he picked up at least two or three new techniques.

What will we cover?

To put it simply, everything. We will start at the very beginning. My process for working from the moment I start choosing images. My process of working with Camera Raw and exporting different images to create a base composite. Skin retouching and enhancement, basic and advanced grading techniques, and how to add in atmospheric elements. Actually we'll go through a lot more than that but suffice it to say this is a deep dive.

I have set the class at 2 hours, but I want to make sure I answer everyone's questions. I really enjoy editing so time tends to fly. So if we go over, we go over.

What do you need?

All you need is your computer, or access to zoom. I don't recommend you edit during the class, but you can do whatever you want obviously.

Bonus Offer

In addition to the webinar, you will also a receive any presets or actions I use in the class. I will also provide a link to a video of the class so you can watch it over again.

​Monday, January 25 at 12 Noon East Coast Time (NY)

London 5pm, Paris 6pm, Los Angeles 9am

Normal Price: $175

Early Access Price: $99

Special Offers:

30% Off for monthly members*

50% Off for yearly members*

30% Discount for any workshop attendees (In VIP Group)

*applied at checkout

No upcoming events at the moment
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