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7 Keys To Create Amazing Portraits


The key to a great portrait is capturing a moment in time that shows who someone really is and how they want to be presented. The best portraits can capture the essence of who someone is and make them seem more alive than they ever could in real life. So, what are the secrets to creating amazing portraits? Here are seven tips that will help you take your next portrait shoot from average to amazing:

1. Focus on the Eyes

There's a reason that the eyes are referred to as "the window to the soul." It's because they give us a glimpse into our subject's thoughts and feelings. In this way, they are critical for conveying emotion in your portrait.

To make sure you do just that, focus on having your subject look directly at you—or at least off-camera—when taking their photo. That way, their eyes will be sharp and bright. If you're shooting in low light conditions or with a shallow depth of field (for example, using a wide aperture), it may be necessary to use some type of artificial lighting or reflector so that there is sufficient illumination around your subject’s eyes.

2. Find the Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. As you can see from the photo above, lighting can make or break a portrait. It's what makes the subject pop out from their backgro