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Color Grading For Beginners

Color grading and theory is one of those things that I always seem to put off learning. It seems like one of those topics they would have covered in some fancy art school on day one that I just never connected with. Don't get me wrong, I understand the basics, but when it comes to really using color theory in a fun and practical way, I usually just went off of instinct rather than putting too much planning into it.

That being said, sometimes you just need the right teacher. And, while I have read and watched plenty of videos on color grading for photographers, I have rarely found a resource that just nailed it. Until now. One of my friends on Clubhouse recently turned me on to a video by photographer Joanna Kustra. So I thought I would pass it on to each of you. I hope you will get as much out of this masterclass in color grading and theory as I have.

Developing a style that is uniquely yours is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of photography. Style and colour go hand-in-hand, and while most photographers and retouchers know about colour theory, many are unsure how to use it in practice. In this free webinar, professional photographer and retoucher Joanna Kustra breaks down the barriers between theory and practice and shares with you her colour grading secrets, as well as tips on how to achieve an individual photographic style. Topics covered: • What tools you need • The meaning of colour in photography • Colour inspiration: where to get it from and how to apply it • Colour grading workflow: what working with colour is all about and Joanna’s workflow in Adobe Photoshop • Before and after: we’ll be discussing colour decisions with examples from Joanna’s projects • Tips on how to develop your unique style • 10-15-minute Q&A session By the end of this webinar you will have learned how to harmonise colours by yourself and how to train your eye to choose the right set of colours.

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